For ladies to show their glamorous and beauty

At【1carat】Our concept is to apply read diamond on nail to bright up nail, with coloring touch up collaboration to best match the elegance of diamond nail. 1carat is the pioneer and the only one brand that provide diamond nail products.

Diamond does attract light from all angles, we create diamond nail as “Jewelry of new feeling”, please witness the elegance and brightness with your own eye.

At 2006, 1carat International has granted the patent of applying diamond nail as well as the method to apply diamond on nail technique. We surpass the idea of stone art on nail, we bring the diamond nail further step up with higher technique.

The new style of Jewelry

We developed diamond nail by applying precious diamond on to nail with stylish arrangement on nail, the brightness and complexion of it’s layout enhance happiness and confidence. The layout of diamond on nail can be altered with unlimited possibility, no matter which style you choose, it will bright you up, this is the new concept of jewelry.

The quality of diamond

With 58 faces of cutting and round or heart shape diamond, we developed several types of diamond shape designed for diamond nail. We use the bridle diamond right quality nail, the brightness surpassed any diamond jewelry.

Can be re-arranged and re-used with different design

As long as the diamond is removed properly with 1Carat diamond nail remover, all diamonds on nail can be removed smoothly, and thus used unlimited and eternally. Everytime it removed will be a new combination for next creation. The combination is unlimited and will sure the layout is among all other diamond jewelry.

with Soak off hard gel

with Acrylic on the free edge

with design sculpture

The number of diamonds can be added according to your important dates or anniversary.

Diamond can be acquired at 1carat myself salon by individual piece, we provide diamond with individual number. A preservation bottle with be provided to you for eternal preservation. (The diamond will be able to bright your nail up at next occasion).

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Nail design can be altered every occasion

1carat international provides very reasonable diamond or color stone for unlimited times of use. By collaboration of fashion and style to come up with various of spectacular designs that will sure delight your heart.

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It can be restyled as a diamond ring or necklace

While you have satisfied with diamond nail, the sparkling diamonds can turn to 1Carat original design of ear ring, necklace, or hear necklace, such as ordinary use marriage ring or pinky ring.

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