At 1carat International, we will teach you the skills including “Nail skill, design, Marketing, and Sales approach. Etc. you will be taught on how to make diamond nail properly. And you will be skillful and able to earn from your skill, as well as become a well known nail artist with Meister license, you will be able to purchase 1carat professional nail products at wholesale price, a license that is truly in advantage.

※1carat is “Using the beauty of diamond on nails”, the way of structure, method, product organization, workmanship are all patented. To be able to perform diamond nail technique by professional manicurist, You shall obtain 1carat professional license.

● Learn basic knowledge on diamond and color stone
● Learn how to make diamond nail/remove diamond / cleaning diamond
● Learn how to preserve diamond / how diamond nail can be designed in varies of designs
● Diamond nail design I・II
● Lean way of structure / promotion / accepting customers / nail style and how to benefit from it.

 ■ Anyone who wish to participate in welcome.