Owning a professional license is as significant as owning a medal for a manicurist.

Owning a professional license is as significant as owning a medal for a manicurist. As a nail technician, the license represent the skill that is proven to be the qualification for offering nail service to customer.

1carat licensing system, is world’s pioneer for Diamond nail. And the system is patented in Japan for it’s technique as well as structure of performing the service, As 1carat has done a through research and know-how on marketing method, we developed the system that is proven to be successful. After you got our license, or attending our seminars, we will sure that you will be able to learn more advanced nail art technique, you will also be benefited to obtain our educational session from time to time.

Our diamond nail products are made for professional nail salon or personal nail workshop, we are able to offer them in any quantity, and we believe you will be able to expect more profit and sales revenue.

1carat is “Using the beauty of diamond on nails”, the way of structure, method, product organization, workmanship are all patented. To be able to perform diamond nail technique by professional manicurist, You shall obtain 1carat professional license.

For professional manicurist
Meister License

We have a complete system of technique, design, campaign and promotion, and etc. designed for lectures offer to our professionals, we will make sure you are trained to make the diamond nail the right way and proud of becoming a 1carat certified manicurist. Also our professional diamond nail products are offered to you at wholesale price. A license that will sure be profitable and affordable to you and benefit from it.

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To be able to teach as Evangelist
Educator license
"After obtaining it, you will be able to hold a nail session and teach as a professional"

You will be able to teach the technique of diamond nail at 1carat education center. You will be able to lecture 1caret ‘Meister’ license.

For those students who has taken the class, once upon graduation, they will be able to have the unique technique which is different from other nail institution. Educators not only be able to train students, they will also be able to promote 1carat products at “Meister Salon”. You will expecting more revenue and profits.

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For professionals who owns multiple nail salon or more than 3 manicurists.
Salon license

As long as there is one licensed 1carat educator, you will be able to train your own staff, no matter if new staff or opening a new shop, there will be no additional cost and thus you will run the shop smoothly. For salon owners, 1carat is able to contract a license. Since you are an educator and understand 1carat system, there is no special equipments to be purchased. You will be able to take the advantage of our system immediately.

※To obtain a educator license, the application fee is 10,500 JPY.

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