As long as you granted 1carat educator license, you are able to offer lecture 1carat signature ‘Diamond Nail” course, and your institution will also be able to issue 1carat MEISTER license to your students, and spread your reputation
Upon graduation of the students who has been taken lecture at your nail institute, they will be able to grant 1carat Diamond nail MEISTER license from your institution, and those MEISTERS can be differentiate from other nailist, In additional to that, your nail salon is able to distribute 1carat professional nail products to “MEISTER salon” and expecting more revenue and profit.

After you granted 1carat educator license, you have learned the top of the line nail skills from Japan’s top nail stylist. While diamond nail is wide spreading in Asia countries, you are able to contribute your professional skills and perform lectures to the worldwide community. Also, you are able to hold events or demonstration for nail art, and later on act as distributor to Mega Dealer / School which will make you a celebrity in nail business.